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Landscapers Eastern Suburbs

Starr Landscapes is proud to offer a wide range of landscaping within theEastern Suburbs services. We specialise in creating innovative designs which complement your existing space, employing our intimate knowledge of and experience with landscape construction.

Unlike a lot of other Eastern Suburbs landscaping businesses, a unique set of skills and experience at Starr Landscape means that our team can also offer a wide range of hard landscaping services, such as paving and tiling, brick and block walls, decks and pergolas, amongst other things. Just ask today and you’ll be surprised with what we can do!


Starr Landscapes will collaborate with you to execute your dream outdoor space. Making dreams come true with our landscape design expertise is what we wake up every day to do.

At Starr Landscapes, we love nothing more than working with our clients from the initial idea phase of their dream outdoor space through to creating a design which ticks all of their boxes. Ben Starr will use his extensive experience in landscape designing Eastern Suburbs beautiful outdoor areas which will work all year round to support you in creating a space which is low maintenance, matches your needs and, of course, looks fantastic! See below for our in-house process of the best landscape design services available.

Step 1

We first work closely with you to conceptualise your vision for your space. Once your and our ideas begin to take shape, we present you with several potential concepts. From this point, we then review the layout, budget and timeline.

Step 2

Once the landscape design has been selected, we then provide you with a landscape drawing of the final plan, so we can ensure that our vision and yours are coming together in perfect cohesion.

Step 3

During the construction and installation phases of a project, we retain the communication to provide for any amendments. We take pride in offering a service which is seamless in its transition from concept to installation, actioned by an accommodating crew of staff.

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