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Green Walls

Starr Landscapes Green Walls

Starr landscapes now offers a unique and innovative Green Wall system that is not only simple in it’s design and installation, but produces results that are far superior to other systems on the market.


Made from recycled materials this fabric style system allows plants to in effect meld with the Green Wall system itself, promoting vigour and longevity of the plants by creating an ecosystem rather than a wall of individually fed units.


Installation is easy and the system can be applied to both indoor and outdoor walls. It requires very little back structure and can be installed on any kind of surface. 

The results achieved by this revolutionary Green Wall system are evident almost immediately, as shown by the before and after photos seen below. Within 2 weeks all plants installed had grown substantially giving an established appearance in a very short period of time. 


The systems modules come in standard squares measuring 1.2mts x 1.2mts but measurements can be easily modified to tailor to your design requirements. This truly is the Future of Green Wall installation. 

Please see images below of some more of our recent installations

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